- Aerial Camp -
The only such camp for fans of aerial madness!
Why the only one?
Because we offer you a chance to choose your specialization 💚
We are organizing two camps 😱😍😱
First: July 16-22 more AERIAL SILKS classes
Second: July 25-31more AERIAL HOOP classes
In addition, we provide:
- trapezes
- cubes
- straps
This year in Białka Tatrzańska you can expect the following:
💙 Amazing Staff - composed of the best, leading Polish Aerialists!
💙 Hard Workout - you can expect min. 5 hours of training under the supervision of our instructors
💙 Once-in-a-lifetime adventure - apart from training, we have a lot of other suprises for you. Whoever took part in the camp last year knows that you can’t get bored with us!
💙 Professional photoshoot included in the price
AND, BRACE YOURSELVES! The opportunity to do the Aerial Hoop and 💙 Aerial Silks instructor course at the lowest price you will ever see with us
So far, for sure you will be able to learn from:
- Emila Dawiec
- Klaudia Bawer
- Domka Krzymowska
We are still gathering the other instructors, but we can promise you that they will be the best of the best!
💪 We will be training in a beautiful training room, the height of which - 12m, encourages you to do spectacular aerial acrobatics!
💪 We will be divided into 3 groups (maximum of 11 people within each group).
💪 Each participant will be provided with separate exercise equipment, so that you can learn as much as possible. (1 hoop = 1 participant. 1 silk = 1 participant).
💪 Each of you chooses a specialisation! Do you need more silks classes? Here you go! More hoop classes? No problem either 💙
If you think that you are not suitable for this camp, you are wrong. We know that you are different and that is why we have prepared 3 proficiency levels, so that everyone can choose something for themselves! And so that no one gets bored! Boredom is the only thing you won't experience at this camp!
1⃣ The basic level is waiting for people who started their adventure with the aerial world not so long ago, who without any problems can get into basic tricks, but are still struggling with drops on the silk, balance or smooth transitions between elements. We invite all people who only started their aerial adventure this season or are planning to do so.
2⃣ The intermediate level is aimed at people who have been training for around two years. They should have no problem with smooth transitions, they have mastered basic drops, are already familiar with working with the equipment and are not afraid of inverted elements.
3⃣ The advanced level is aimed at all those who find the previous 2 levels definitely easy!
In total, there is a minimum of about 5 hours of training a day for you. We mainly focus on aerial classes, but within the schedule you will find: stretching classes - to make elements on hoop and silks look even more phenomenal, dance classes to help you feel the music and find yourself in the world of choreography, and motor classes - where you will learn exercises that will help you aim for even greater progress in aerial!
We will make ourselves at home in a beautiful Villa at Ela’s. The villa has undergone renovation this year. We have larger rooms and a nicer decor. There will be double, triple and 4-person rooms at your disposal.
Outside you will find a swimming pool (enough to regenerate and for drinks in the evenings), a sauna, bicycles, a place for a barbecue and more, and nice owners 💚
Food is included in the camp price. You can choose meals at the hostess of the villa - then she will treat you with delicious highlander delicacies for breakfast, a full lunch in the afternoon and a tasty dinner. Only standard or vegetarian options to choose from.
You can also choose three meals and more freedom by choosing a box diet. You can then choose the diet you want - cool for people with special dietary requirements, e.g. gluten-free or vegan.
Attention! It is possible to resign from the purchased food and provide it on your own. The price of the camp then decreases [see below]
And now, something that some of you are most interested in: the price. As you know, we do not like to scare and spend time in fun way, so the full price of our 7-day camp is PLN 2999! // EUR 650 // $727
[Yes, yes - there are discounts, you can find them below] We enjoy sharing, so we have some discounts that we'd love to provide you with
💢 People who want to provide food on their own can count on a PLN 300 discount. The hostess will not have to cook, so you will not have to pay! (this discount is combined with all other discounts)
💢 People who register by the end of February will get a PLN 100 discount! The faster you click, the less you pay.
You will get PLN 100 if you pay the entire amount at once.
💢 People who were with us last year can also get a discount of PLN 100
And yes, all promotions can combine! ❤️
Ps. If you want to register more than 3 people at once, please indicate it in the e-mail. We'll also have a nice extra discount for you 😉
What's included in the price?
🔘 Instructor supervision
🔘 Lots of hours spent in the training room
🔘 Accommodation
We will provide 7 nights. [You can come the day before - unpack and start a new training day with a fresh dose of energy.]
🔘 Food
🔘 Integration events
🔘 Additional hours outside the room - joint runs, climbing, unusual workshops
🔘 Extreme events - e.g. raftinh
🔘 Professional photo session for everyone.
🔘 PHYSIOTHERAPIST - you asked, you have it
All of the above is included in the price. There are no hidden costs
ℹ We divide the payment into two:
1. a down payment of PLN 500, payable at the time of registration.
2. the remaining amount, payable up to 3 weeks from the payment of the down payment, but not later than 2 weeks before the start of the camp.
If you pay the entire amount (down payment + rest) at once, you can count on a discount of PLN 100
And now the specifics ⬇⬇
📩 Applications for the camp can be made by e-mail to the following address: zgloszenia@fr-sport.pl. In the email, please include: the name, surname, telephone number, information about the discounts you want to use and the date of the camp - choose your specialisation: hoop or silks.
We will reply to you by e-mail confirming participation, providing the final price and transfer details.
Note that the down payment or the whole payment must be made no later than 3 days from confirming the reservation by e-mail. Otherwise, the reservation will be lost.
In the title of the email write: I'm going to the best Aerial camp with FR Sport!
Attention attention!
❌ Priority is given to people who send us their details by e-mail: zgloszenia@fr-sport.pl and pay for the camp within the prescribed period.
❌ Registration is closed when the group places limit is reached.
[10 person limit]
❌ A person who wants to enrol in the camp must be 18 years of age or older. [in the case of younger people there will be organising a separate event for which they will be able to sign up - Aerial Camp for children and teenagers - for more information, please write to marketing@fr-sport.pl]
Rules of enrollment:
• You have 3 working days to transfer payment for the camp from the moment we provide the confirmation of booking a place.
• We do not make refunds due to the participant's absence. In the case of being in quarantine, COVID-positive or other random event, you should find a replacement person. We will be actively helping in this!
• If the camp is canceled by our fault, you get a full refund.
• We reserve the right to cancel the camp due to insufficient number of participants.
• After submitting the application, the regulations will be sent to the camp participants, the acceptance of which is necessary to participate in the camp.
• We will send you a camp questionnaire within 3 working days of signing up to get to know your needs even better.
• This announcement is only commercial information and does not constitute an offer pursuant to Art. 66 §1. Of the Civil Code.
Ready? So we're going to the Tatra Mountains! ❤
Do you have any additional questions?
Call us at: 730 953 027
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